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Without Business Acumen, You Can’t Sell to Full Value

We sales leaders tell our sellers to “sell value”, which is great advice.  Unfortunately, it’s insufficient for many sellers. Sellers need general business acumen in order to succeed. When most people sell value, they keep doing so only until the customer...

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Business Acumen: The Overlooked Sales Tool

In the new world of “selling with perspective”, sellers need a foundation of business acumen to help the customer envision how they will be successful. The catch with perspective selling: your perspective means nothing to a customer until they internalize...

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The Power Behind Sales Greatness

want to cap off this series of posts by articulating the force that powers sales greatness: value focus. It enriches our entire model of sales performance — adding an entire third dimension. The “motive force” behind everything sales professionals do is value...

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From Formal Sales Process to Dynamic

From prior posts, you’ve probably learned to value dynamic sales process, but would like more information on how to implement one. To review, here are the differences between the two, reproduced — courtesy of CSO Insights. Let’s explore the differences. In...

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What World-Class Looks…And Acts Like

This article is part two in a series about achieving world-class results.  In my last post, I shared definitions of sales process rigor and quality of customer relationship, plus CSO Insights’ conclusions about sales results associated with different levels of...

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How Much Sales Process Should My Company Adopt?

I’ve held some interesting conversations recently with sales leaders about instilling sales process. Specifically, they asked how much process discipline is “the right amount”. The idea is that there’s such a thing as too much, or at least some amount that passes the...

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