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You Can’t Test Your Way to (Sales) Performance

In the sales performance space, there is a growing disconnect between performance focus and learning focus. If my email and voice mails are any indicator, there is an explosion in learning technology options crowding into the sales enablement world. An important part...

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Is Your Differentiation a Mirage?

Sales professionals all know to find and leverage differentiation. The problem: far too few know that not all differentiation is equal. Remember, any differentiation you have doesn’t turn into value until it “makes a safe landing” in a customer’s brain and connects to...

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So You’ve Decided to Be Customer-Centric. Now What?

You’ve read the literature; you’ve bought into the rewards. You want a customer centric organization. A lot of leaders with the same aspirations get stuck at this point, asking “so what does Customer Centric look like”? More importantly, they want to know how do I...

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Don’t Just Sell Value. Live It.

Selling value is more widespread than most think…and at the same time, more narrowly practiced than it should be. “Selling Value” isn’t just the domain of sales methodologies containing that term in a training course title. Most selling methodologies I’ve ever come...

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How We Decide is WHAT We Decide

Your decisions are the result of the decision-making process you employ to make them.  Let me illustrate using a story. When my kids were growing up, we had a family tradition of going out dinner every Sunday night. My wife and I were both great cooks. While it was...

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